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Columbia County Christian School

Preparatory Kindergarten through 8th grade

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CCCS Ministry, Health, Safety & Marketing Resources

Family Ministry, Counseling, and Child Safety Resources

Focus On The Family (Games Adolescence Shouldn't Play)

Christian Counseling Resources

Christian Church Links
see also the Parent Info Page

Warren Community Fellowship

Grace Baptist Church

Sunset Park Community Church

Health & Safety

Internet Safety

* Oregon Health Benefits for Kids

* Prescription Coverage:
Need help paying for medications or are you without
Prescription drug coverage?  Enroll in the state’s FREE
Prescription Drug Program. Call #1-800-913-4161 toll free or
Visit to sign up online.

Medical Insurance – Oregon Health Plan Standard (OHP):
Tired of not having HEALTH COVERAGE?  Visit the OHP
Standard reservation list Web site @
and enter your information.  Or call 1-800-699-9075.
Remember you must place your name on the reservation list during Jan 28th – Feb 29th, 2008, if you want to apply for OHP Standard.

Columbia Community Mental Health: (CCMH) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide quality services to families in need of mental health, addiction and developmental disabilities treatment throughout Columbia county. We work closely with other community agencies to ensure healthy, safe and productive lives for individuals, families and communities.  Their website is

Vaccination Requirements & Healthy Kids Information - Vaccine Reguirement's Healthy Kids Program.pdf

Below are some guidelines to help you make the decision whether or not to send your child to school. The recommendations are based on the guidelines provided by the Communicable Disease Division of the Washington County Department of Health and Human Services and The Oregon Department of Education.

If your child is diagnosed with a communicable disease, please notify the school as soon as possible. Some students have medical conditions and/or compromised immune systems that can become life threatening when exposed to certain illnesses.

Keep your child home if she/he has any of the following symptoms:

FeverGreater than 100.5 F. May return when temperature is normal for a minimum of 24 hours without using fever reducing medicine.
>2 in the preceding 24 hours, unless determined to be from a non-communicable condition. May return when resolved.
3 or more watery or loose stools in 24 hours. May return when resolved for 24 hours. 
Stiff Neck    
 Or headache with accompanying fever. May return after resolution of symptoms or diagnosis made and clearance given by medical provider.
Any new onset of rash. May return after rash resolves or diagnosis is made and clearance given by medical provider. 
 Yellowing of eyes or skin. May return after diagnosis from physician and clearance given.
Eye Discharge    
 Thick mucus or pus draining from eyes.

Symptoms or complaints that prevent the student from active participation in usual school activities. 

Prevention and identification of child abuse

The 2007 Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 379 which requires education providers to provide annual training on the prevention and identification of child abuse to school employees, parents, and students.  In order to fulfill this requirement, we have added this link to our website.  
Please click on the following website to complete this training 

Need help finding community resources or referral?
Call 2-1-1
2-1-1 provides individuals and families with access to quality information 
about health and human services resources.
For more information visit

Marketing Links
The links provided below are intended to assist CCCS Board members and/or parents interested in education statistics and demographic research.

US Census Bureau

IES National center for education