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Equipping Future Leaders

Lunch Program

Students may bring a sack lunch from home each day or may choose the following...

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are bring your sack lunch days.
Thursday will be Domino's Pizza.  Either Cheese or Pepperoni pizza, salad or fruit, and a drink for $3.00 per meal. 
Friday Chef's Choice meals available for $3.00 per meal.

In addition to the entrees listed, most lunches include the following: fruit and/or vegetable, drink & dessert

Lunch Times

K-2nd Lunch @ 11:10-11:30

3rd-5th Lunch @ 11:30-11:50

6th-8th Lunch @ 11:50-12:10

Parents may fill their students lunch account in the CCCS office

If you are or would like to become a Friday Volunteer Lunch Chef, please review the following food handling guidelines by clicking the links below.

Lunch Menu

May 2020
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Pizza & Salad
Pizza & Salad
Pizza & Salad
Pizza & Salad